AntiGravity Fitness through physiotherapy

AntiGravity Fitness through physiotherapy

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AntiGravity FitnessDiscover the power, excitement and complete joy the relaxing movements of AntiGravity Fitness workout.  Practitioners perform exercises in special silk bags called AntiGravity Hammock. Carefully, step by step, designed elements of movement through years of research by Mr. Christopher Harrison impresses people all over the world.

As a licensed instructor of AntiGravity Fitness Fundamentals 1 & 2, I will take you to a world where you can spread your wings and fly.

You have probably seen the singer Pink at her concert or Mariah Carey flying at a height of 20m above the audience and performing various acrobatics. Do not fear we will not be flying that high, just a little in our minds.

Usually, practitioners take part in group exercises. In this blog I present AntiGravity Fitness training through an individual approach. It is necessary to highlight some of the injuries and the correct, therapeutic implementation of movement.

Wondering more about why AntiGravity Fitness is a great therapy choice? The following will also present the benefits of movement in Hammock and why this exercise eliminates pain in the spine, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders and turns the aging process in the opposite direction.

AntiGravity Fitness is the first and original, all the rest are just derivatives

AntiGravity fitness exercise

Many of you will probably say: “Yes, we have already seen such an exercise. Well, at least something like that”.

You may notice that not only the fabric that hangs from the ceiling, but the hanging bags are joined by some kind of handles – no, this is NOT AntiGravity. Even the Hammock material, which is made of pure silk, can not be compared to other synthetic ones.

We can say that all similar exercise only derivative. AntiGravity is the first and original concept. So let’s respect years of research that exercise is indeed proven to be safe and designed to the last detail.

Antigravity is based on many years of research and various studies of the human body. Due to the complexity of the work, education and the retention of the license by the American founders, not everyone can be an instructor.

What is AntiGravity Fitness?

The AntiGravity technique allows us to stretch to the maximum and hold the position or pose for a longer time. AntiGravity Fitness improves overall health.  What is more, people have fun and create beautiful acrobatic figures at the same time.

AntiGravity Fitness is a unique combination of exercise. It consists of individual sequences of movement and relaxes the individual’s spine (decompress it) and straighten the body from head to toe.

Keep the spine flexible

Spine decompression with antigravityDo you know why the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world? The main reason lies in the fact that this animal has the ability to bend the spine in both directions.

With age, the joints loose the mobility and harden. The lubrication of hard structures and soft tissue massage are extremely important for maintaining vitality.

With AntiGravity Fitness we keep the spine and other joints flexible. Also we perform an inversion movement without any pressure on our spine.

The founder of AntiGravity Fitness, Christopher Harrison, would say, “You are only as young as your spine is flexible and your mind is open”.

Discover the benefits of AntiGravity Fitness

There are a number of benefits that AntiGravity training brings:

  • improves muscle flexibility
  • releases the muscle tension through deep tissue massage
  • strengthens torso muscles
  • improves kinesthetic awareness through fine balance movements and increases proprioception
  • improves joint mobility
  • has a little effect on the cardiovascular system
  • improves self-confidence through the process of overcoming fears
  • prevents the formation and eliminates varicose veins

A special advantage of AntiGravity Fitness is the inversion without compression

Zero-compression or turning on the head without pressure on the vertebrae has many advantages. Do you know them?

Why is inversion good?AntiGravity Fitness child in the hammock

  • It comes to hydration and decompression of the vertebral discs, which increases space where the nerves lie.
  • It refreshes the endocrine, lymphatic, digestive and cardiovascular systems.
  • Happiness hormones (serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins…) are released.
  • The ability of the brain to develop neuroplasticity increases with the formation of new synaptic connections.
  • The proprioceptive response increases.
  • Our skin becomes more radiant as the inversion of the body causes an inflow of fresh blood.

The workout is not recommended for everyone

Be careful in the first three months of pregnancy. We recommend individual approach and avoiding inversion.

Exercise should not be performed by those who suffer from glaucoma, epilepsy, have muscle injury, extremely high blood pressure or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Avoid attending workout immediately after surgery procedures, also not after applying Botox (at least 6 hours).

Antigravity Fitness through physiotherapy

Even with a herniated disc, the pain may go away

In the Greek Empire, physicians were aware of the positive effects of the spinal traction. Even then people treated symptoms like scoliosis, unspecified back pain, rickets, Parkinson’s disease, impotence and various other neurological symptoms with decompression.

Today we know a wide variety of inversion tables and other appliances for eliminating back pain. People use them preventively before or after surgery to relieve back pain.  This pain usually cause a pinched nerve and a damaged intervertebral disc or even the vertebrae themselves.

AntiGravity Hammock is unique in terms of use. Not only is the inversion 100% safe, it also supports and fixes our pelvis so that the entire spine relaxes and stretches.  Only and exclusively the body’s own weight is that healthy dose of traction force that is appropriate for our spine.

Workout, stretch and relax

Why is individual AntiGravity Fitness exercise the right choice?

Group exercise is the best – you relax, society has a positive effect on your well-being and it is the people who encourage you not to lose your initial momentum during exercise.Spine decompression

AntiGravity Fitness is slightly different from regular exercise or fitness, so it is especially important to focus on those with certain limitations or injuries. Only in this way can you more easily overcome any fear and win the proper implementation of the movement.

The most important thing is to rehabilitate your injuries. During group exercise, they will not adjust the program for you, nor will they stop the hours because of you, if the inversion would not suit you for the first time.

Physiotherapy focuses on specific type of injury and choose exercise sequences that is best for you. In combination with muscle relaxation, physiotherapists also use cupping therapy for an additional effect while performing movements.

Remember, decompression can work extremely well for some, but not for all. An individual approach has the advantage of being able to adjust the inversion time and monitor your body’s response.


Not only Pink and Mariah, but also Broadway shows, the opening of the Olympics, the inauguration of President Obama, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Cirque du Soleil, are well-known names who have hosted and represented AntiGravity.

The AntiGravity technique allows us to stretch to the maximum and maintain this position or pose for a longer period of time. It was created to improve overall health and physical agility, while people are supposed to have fun and create the beauty of movement.

Christopher Harrison relaxing

Exercise has many benefits, the most important of which is spinal decompression. Eliminate back pain associated with a pinched nerve, damaged intervertebral disc, or vertebrae in a different way. Rehydrate the intervertebral discs and make more room in the spine for the outgoing nerves.

Stop the aging process, prevent injuries and heal injuries with AntiGravity Hammock. Take advantage of AntiGravity and become healthier, even happier and taller in just one visit.