About me


Yes, my name is Ajda, that’s why this online page got that name – Aida’s home rehab.
“Nothing original” some will say, but the name represents a person who offers you individual attention and takes the best possible care of you – although everything it’s done online.

I am a physiotherapist by profession and have my own private physiotherapy clinic.  As a young active athlete, I knew that my mission would be to work with people, to help them in the rehabilitation process. I’m talking about eliminating injuries and diseases of the locomotor system.

During my studies, I was aware that it would take a lot of time and effort to move to a higher level of work. Physiotherapy is a profession where knowledge and skills are constantly being upgraded, perfected, mostly keeping up with the times.

My knowledge is mainly focused on the field of orthopedic medicine, where, among other things, I use the well-known Cyriax method for treatment and diagnosis.

Great importance to the positive outcome of rehabilitation in my private practice can be attributed to the treatment of soft tissue injuries and diseases which as qualified trigger point therapist, I also offer this type of therapy.

I also gained some of my knowledge abroad. With the help of clinical tests for the spine, I combined my special knowledge of treatment and diagnostics with a unique AntiGravityFitness exercise on hanging silk bags, i.e. “AntiGravity Hammock”.

I can proudly say that I was one of the first physiotherapists in Europe to use this type of exercise for rehabilitation purposes.

Physiotherapy device support and manual therapeutic techniques carry the same weight in the context of physiotherapy as movement and strengthening the target muscles. You can do a lot yourself.

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